One-stop shop solution for the Oil&Gas sector.


To be the leading company in Southeast Europe in terms of quality and innovation, and to maintain a leading position as a supplier of complete solutions in the energy sector for the entire project life cycle (study design, design, procurement, execution and maintenance).


Strengthen the trust and recognition of our brand every day and create added value to our customers through the offered complete technical solutions based on protection and safety at work, ethical business, environmental protection and that through sustainable development we contribute to the economic progress of the whole community.

Our Solutions

Take a look at our main scope of activities within the oil&gas industry.

Pipeline Integrity

Pipeline Integrity safeguards the pipeline, ensuring all its components are working properly and no harmful chemicals are released from the pipeline. This means, from designing to operating pipelines, everything is reliable, efficient and safe.

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Corrosion prevention & Sealing

This devision offers multiple technologies of products focused on corrosion prevention, fire & temperature protection, and cathodic protection for pipeline, oil, gas and water infrastructure and industrial applications.

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CNG, LPG & LNG integration

To be the leader of CNG solution integration in Croatia during the time when use of CNG is increasing day by day due to the environmental benefits as well as economic benefits is tough, but more important than never. And we pride ourselves with top of the industry solutions.

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Regulation, control & measurement 

This devision provides pre-tested factory-built gas control modules; skid-mounted, pre-packaged pressure regulating stations; purpose-designed underground gas pressure reducing stations; and customized metering stations to meet specific user needs.

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Line Break Control (LBC)

Protecting the pipeline by using ELBC (Electronic Line Break Control) unit to monitor and automatic block of the pipeline during the sudden pressure drop. For locations without power options, LBC unit with solar panel is available.

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Gas Chromatograph 

Gases can be analyzed without contact while remaining cost-effective. Innovation in process control, analytical chemistry, and environmental monitoring are now at our fingertips, all while reducing dependence on hazardous materials.

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