In addition to high-quality products, we also offer various services at the national level. They range from engineering to approval, acceptance, installation, commissioning, post-maintenance and intervention on site equipment.

We provide consulting services on the spot. Supply of measuring devices or operating equipment. Service, sandblasting, assembly, dismantling, fabrication, testing. Distribution and transportation within the service provided.

Annual maintenance of blocking stations:

  • Rinse and/or lubricate the tap
  • sealing as needed
  • Service on site of the actuator, control devices (pLBC, eLBC, eELB and pDC)
  • Grading
  • servicing of actuators, hand pumps and control equipment, in authorized workshops

Supply, technical adaptation and installation of new devices, spare parts and materials.

Control and adjust ball valve, needle valve and pointer.

Functional testing of complete blocking station.

General repairs of piston pumps with spare parts making

Production of high-pressure hoses.

Machining of metal – lathe services